Sandy's Wintimes

On Feb 5, 2016 at 4 pm, I saw that my next peak is at 4:53 pm. I went to Safeway Grocery store and picked my 5 Keno numbers for Oregon State Keno Board - 10 drawings and added multiplier option for extra $1 for a total of $20, waited till 4:53 to pay for it.

Then I did my shopping and came back to watch my last two drawings, 9th drawing I won 4/5 for $12 and then 10th drawing I won $800 for 5/5. Multiplier was only 1x.

Here is my Keno ticket.











Don't forget to record your wintimes, take photos of winning slot machines and or tickets.


"Its All in the Timing!"
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Guide to Gambling

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Sandy won 5/5 and 6/6 Keno machines at
The Sands Casino
Reno. Nevada

Mariette won $800 at South Coast Casino,
Las Vegas, NV
Click here

B. Cross won $19.000
playing Poker Tourney - Las Vegas 1/10/2016

Sandy won $800 on Oregon Keno Draw Board for 5/5 on
2/5/2016  Click here

Tom won $4000
at Choctow Casino

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