Timing is Everything!

Wintimes Charts are easy to understand. Simple neon green color allows you to quickly and easily see the lucky days of the month. Dark green are the best days of the month. Then, check out each lucky day for your 24 hour charts. An hourly breakdown gives you all the details you need. Timing is Everything!

Wintimes is based on planetary alignments coordinated with your exact birth data, so no one else has the same lucky times as you do. An accurate birth time is essential. You also need to include the exact place where you are planning on gambling or making a big decision.

Birth Data - All astrological calculations require accurate birth data. This means we require not only the date of birth, but the place of birth (city/state/country) and the time of birth (as exact as possible), as well. If you live in a big city, it would help to provide what hospital you were born at for GPS purpose. Please confirm your data before placing an order. We cannot issue a refund in the event a customer provides us with inaccurate birth data. We can run a calculation for "unknown" birth data. As a standard option, if "unknown" birth time is given on an order, Horoscope Lucky Days will calculate the chart for noon in the time zone of the city that is given for birth place. A "noon chart" certainly gives you much more information to interpret than just your "Sun Sign," but it is not very accurate for detailed astrological work. If you are serious about astrology, it is well worth the effort to get the exact time of your birth.

If you don't have your exact birth data, click here to find out how you can get it.

Place to Gamble - You must put in city/place and date of where you want to gamble, job interviews, house hunting etc. Be specific for GPS purpose. If you want to play on the internet casinos, you just put in your home address or where ever you are.


The updated software "Astro Lucky Days" produced bar graph peaks to find your win-times based on your birth data. When you look at some of the high peaks of the bar graph, it is recommended that you start 15 minutes before the peak and after because sometime it is the build-up to high peak that you hit earlier and also to vertify your birth time is correct. Doctors have been known to write down the birth time 5 to 10 minutes later. Always start small to see if you are hitting on the peak. it is very important to record your wintimes, whether you made big sales, approval of loans, getting job you wanted or jackpots!, it helps to fine-tune which planets and degrees work for you better than others

"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling

Gambling Astrology


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