Timing is one of the great secrets to winning in life!

Wintimes helps you select the optimum times to take action. Whether its gambling, investment decisions, buying lottery tickets or initiating any important projects, Advanced Astrology can improve your odds!

Wintimes charts are created based on planetary alignments coordinated with your exact birth data, so no one else has the same lucky times as you do. An accurate birth time is essential. You also need to include the exact place where you are planning on gambling or making a big decision.

Timing is Everything!


Youíll be much farther than anyone in being able to zoom in on your best times and places to play because you have the planets as your guides. I hope you can all experience such super win times that you can feel the electricity. You can see gold flashing around the numbers on the roulette table or keno board, or a certain machine seems to speak to you and says "play me". It doesn't last for long, but it's wonderful while it's there. I've had win chart clients who have had that electricity for hours and want to find it again. They could do no wrong. They'll pay anything to find those times again, only I can't help them when they can't remember the date or even the year! That's why it's important to keep your diary of wins and make sure you have your phone or watch to record your exact win-times. Also, if you suddenly got up to move to another seat and hit a jackpot 5 minutes later. That time is important, too. That will help to maximize your results.



"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling

Gambling Astrology

Sandy won 5/5 and 6/6 Keno machines at
The Sands Casino
Reno. Nevada

Mariette won $800 at South Coast Casino,
Las Vegas, NV
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B. Cross won $19.000
playing Poker Tourney - Las Vegas 1/10/2016

Sandy won $800 on Oregon Keno Draw Board for 5/5 on
2/5/2016  Click here

Tom won $4000
at Choctow Casino

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